Commerce Clone


Commerce Clone — designed to clone trades between buying and selling accounts. Clone trades from “server” buying and selling account to the “consumer” buying and selling account. MT4/MT5 terminals have to be put in on the identical pc or vps server.

Free model can use limitless on EURUSD pair! – ask your free license on product web page.

You should utilize it on unlimilted purchasers for limitless time.

With Commerce Clone EA you may commerce on a number of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts concurrently, clone the trades of any buying and selling robotic from server account to your family and friends accounts. 

Be aware: All MetaTrader 4 and  MetaTrader 5 should run in similar pc, otherwise you want copy the commerce file to the Consumer pc.

You may run a number of Commerce Clone EA as server, and you’ll run consumer on limitless MetaTrader accounts, however one consumer can join solely  one server.

If consumer clone all trades – not solely precise chart – then munst run just one copy on consumer account.

If server export all trades – not solely precise chart – then munst run just one copy on server account.

How one can use Commerce Clone?

It is very straightforward to make use of. You want minimal 2 buying and selling account, one for server (perhaps name as grasp), and one for consumer (perhaps name as slave).

You should connect Commerce Clone EA to the chart, and set the primary factor:

“Working mode”: You may set there, this account would be the grasp (export trades to the consumer) or consumer (import trades from server).

Server order filtering (All or solely chart orders):

Server ship all trades from this account, or solely trades from chart, the place it is hooked up.

“Most image identify size 0:unique (for Server)”: With this setting you may management exported image identify size, to make simpler the image identification. Eg. if Server image identify not merely “EURUSD”,”USDJPY”, however like “EURUSD#micro” or “USDJPY.m+”, then set your most size to six chars, and server ship “EURUSD” and “USDJPY” symbols to the consumer.

Consumer settings:

You should utilize many consumer account for similar server account, and in a position to separate trades by image / commerce kind / magic quantity.

“Consumer Order filtering (All or solely chart orders)”: You may import all image from server, or solely chart image the place Commerce Clone consumer hooked up.

Eg. Server ship orders from symbols: “EURUSD”, “GBPJPY”…, However when you set “Consumer import solely chart orders”, and Commerce Clone EA hooked up to “EURUSD” chart, then solely “EURUSD” trades can be imported.

Lot mode: 

Multiplying heaps: In consumer the unique server heaps can be multiplied by “Lot multiplier” worth. Eg. If server ship 2 heaps, and Consumer set “Lot multiplier” to 0.1, then order can be open with 2*0.1 = 0.2 heaps.

Repair lot: No matter what the server sends, solely within the parameter “Repair Lot worth” can be use within the order.

Proportional: Lot dimension can be calculated from Consumer free/Server free margin margin 

If server free margin is 1000, and consumer free margin is 500, then multiplier can be 500/1000 = 0.5

-> if server ship 3 heaps, within the consumer can be 3*0.5 = 1.5 heaps.

If server and consumer symbols should not the identical:

“Image postfix in Consumer”:Append each image identify with these postfix. If postfix is: “.micro” then EURUSD image can be “EURUSD.micro”

“Image prefix in Consumer”: Append each image identify entrance with these prefix. If prefix is: “#” then EURUSD image can be “#EURUSD”

Prefix and postfix will be mixed.

“Image binding”: Change server image with this parameters. There will be many substitute, separates with comma. Often you should use this on symbols, with variable names. Within the instance “GER30=DAX,DOW=DJI” -> Server ship image “GER30”, however in consumer ship order with image “DAX”, and server “DOW” image can be “DJI” within the consumer.

“If Netting account, then spherical heaps to server heaps”: If consumer MT5 Netting, then just one order exists. If setting is “true”, then can be no separate buys and sells, however summarized the orders, and that can be apply on consumer.

-> on server was 0.3 promote and 0.1 purchase, in summa that can be 0.2 promote

“Shut reverse orders from Netting account”: If server MT5 Netting, then just one order exists. Within the consumer separated sells and buys can be closed if seeting is “true”. If false, then each orders can be as the unique.

->  on server was 0.3 promote and 0.1 purchase, in summa that can be 0.2 promote if setting is true. If setting is fake, then can be 0.3 promote and 0.1 purchase orders.

“Reopen closed orders (if circumstances are met)”: Should you shut an cloned order, and the value transfer to the unique open worth, then order can be opened once more.

“Reopen closed pending orders”: Should you shut an cloned pending order, then pending order can be opened once more.

Superior settings:

“Account is ECN”: SL and TP setting ship after Order open.

“Clone Take Revenue (TP)”: Cone Take Revenue values or not.

“Clone Cease Loss (SL)”: Cone Cease Loss values or not.

“Pressure apply SL, if SL isn’t set(multiples of unfold)”: If in commerce no Cease Loss worth in server aspect, you may pressure purchasers to use specified Cease Loss worth. This worth is a number of of precise unfold, or within the worth set in “Minimal unfold”.

“Minimal unfold (for unfold calculations on Zero unfold brokers)”: Some settin want an expansion worth, but when dealer have zero unfold, then this setting can be used.

“Ship final X days closed orders”: If ship closed orders, then server what number of days ship.

“Most worth slippage in factors”: Value slippage in consumer, distinction in comparison with the server.

“Most order time (sec for consumer, 0=do not verify)”: Most order create time distinction in comparison with the server.

Widespread settings:

“Solely orders with Magic Quantity (-1 = all, 0=solely guide, >1 EA)”: Filter trades with specified Magic Quantity (utilized on server and consumer model too).

-1: No Magic quantity verify

 0: Solely guide trades can be copied

 constructive integer: solely trades with this specified Magic Quantity can be export (server) and import (consumer)

“Filename for Energetic orders (Should set similar on the purchasers)”: Server retailer trades in a specified file within the pc. Each server should set totally different file identify! It is essential, if you wish to run many server model. This file identify should set on consumer too, that is the connection between the server and the consumer, modify rigorously!

“Encode commerce information (Should set on Consumer & Server)”: Commerce information can be encrypted, so no person can learn delicate informations from commerce file. If set true on server, you should set true on purchasers too!

“Execution timer (x10ms, minimal=1, most=100)”: How usually verify server and consumer new trades. 1=10ms -> quickest, it hundreds the processor, 100=1sec -> slowest, perhaps larger worth slippage.

Visible settings:

There you may set the place positioned the EA within the chart.

Commerce filter settings:

Filters by evets kind: 

“Create Orders”: Clone newly created trades 

“Shut Orders”: Clone order closes

“Delete Orders”: Clone pending order deletion

“Modify Orders”: Clone order/commerce modifications

Filters by order kind: 

“Clone Purchase market orders”: Clone BUY orders

“Clone Promote market orders”: Clone SELL orders

“Clone Purchase restrict orders”: Clone BUY LIMIT orders

“Clone Promote restrict orders”: Clone SELL LIMIT orders

“Clone Purchase cease orders”: Clone BUY STOP orders

“Clone Promote cease orders”: Clone SELL STOP orders

Further setting informations:

   As a result of Netting account dealing with may be very totally different, some guidelines utilized on this account kind:

   – When “If Netting Account, then spherical heaps to server heaps” enabled, then guide buying and selling isn’t allowed (can be deleted)

   – When “If Netting Account, then spherical heaps to server heaps” disabled, and manually shut or commerce, then cloned trades can be differ, closed trades is not going to be sync till sum heaps can be smaller

   Don’t reopen closed orders on Netting account!

   – On Netting account just one place allowed, however trades ship individually to the purchasers. So within the consumer can be many commerce (sells and buys too)

   – When “Shut Reverse Orders from Netting account” Enabled, then in  the consumer can be additionally One commerce (similar quantity sells and buys can be closed)

   – Shut reverse positions in two steps: 1. Order created. 2 Reverse orders checked, and shut if want


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